What Do You Want To Read About?

What Do You Want To Read About?

From the Niagara River in the east, to Hamilton in the west, Lake Erie to the south and Lake Ontario to the north; these are the geographical boundaries that define the place we locals call home -- the Niagara Peninsula. However, there are no boundaries when it comes to discussing the things about Niagara that are important to you. And we want to know what those things are.

In our "Spotlight On Niagara" section, GoBe Weekly plans on writing about all things Niagara: the good, the bad and even the confrontationally ugly -- hey, we have a forum, and we're not afraid to use it! 

We're first and foremost an entertainment site, so naturally our primary goal will be to illuminate you on entertaining things you may not know existed here. Maybe you've never heard about the Showboat Festival Theatre in Port Colborne for example. Or the Heartland Forest conservation area in Niagara Falls. Maybe you've never walked along the 9-11 Memorial that graces the shoreline of Lake Ontario at Happy Rolf's in St. Catharines, or hiked through the natural splendor of Short Hills Provincial Park. Log into the Spotlight On Niagara section and hopefully you'll discover something new about the peninsula that makes you love living here even more than you do now.

We hope that as GoBe Weekly readers get more familiar with our site that you'll reach out with ideas and suggestions we can use to make this section more compelling. That includes a mix of both factual articles and opinion pieces -- letters to the editor style commentary you supply to us when something's got you motivated to write.

Just send your comments to dave@gobeweekly.com and include your name, phone number and email, along with subject heading SPOTLIGHT ON NIAGARA.  We're also open to freelance submissions from writers with a passionate eye for Niagara.  Art, culture, events, activities, politics -- if it deserves to be seen, we'll shine our spotlight on it.

In the meantime, thanks for clicking on our site; we hope you enjoy GoBe Weekly!

David DeRocco

Digital Editorial Director