Michelle Whitedove: America's #1 Psychic Medium Comes To Niagara

Michelle Whitedove: America's #1 Psychic Medium Comes To Niagara

By David DeRocco

Science is the intellectual and systematic study of the physical and natural world based on facts determined through experimentation and observation. Faith, on the other hand, is the absolute belief in something based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.  What usually puts the two concepts at odds is when skeptics demand scientific proof for something a devoted flock believes is true based solely on their faith in it.         

It would seem an act of folly then for Michelle Whitedove – a celebrity psychic whose resume suggests she has an ability to actively communicate with the Angel Kingdom – to agree to a scientific test of her supernatural abilities while being filmed on TV under strict guidelines set out by the FCC to guarantee authenticity.  But that request didn’t phase Whitedove; in fact, it only motivated her to show the world that the woman called “America’s #1 Psychic” by Lifetime TV is everything she says she is.

“I’ve been tested more than anyone,” said Whitedove, who passed the test – finding a stuntman buried alive in the desert using nothing but psychic ability – on her way to earning top prize in the reality-TV show, America’s Psychic Challenge. “People say ‘why would you go through such tests, it’s crazy.’ But I want people to see that it’s real, it’s true. You have to see it to believe it and I wanted to make that happen. And I did.”

Whitedove has been passing the litmus test of believability since the early age of eight when she first discovered she was gifted with unique abilities.  A near death experience – one in which Whitedove says she visited heaven but was returned through the divine will of God, the 12 Elders and the Angel Kingdom – proved to be the transformative moment in  her life, even though she was uncharacteristically quiet about it at the time.

“I kind of always knew I had a gift but I didn’t really understand it being young. My family didn’t know what to do with it as they weren’t really religious or spiritual, so I did my best to keep my mouth zipped until I was about 18.”  

Despite the trauma involved in the accident Whitedove said the experience helped galvanize her understanding of the gift she was given, setting her on course for fame and fortune and the ongoing promotion of her talents through books, media appearances and the odd documentary. Those talents include having the rare combination of being clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairaudient (clear hearing), clairsentient (psychic sense of smelling, tasting and feeling), an empath (taking on the sensations of the physical and emotional states of being) and a spirit medium who occasionally chats with Angels.

“When I crossed over, because I had a near death experience and was clinically dead, I got to see 18 years of my life. That changed everything. You think you know everything, but you really don’t know anything. I came back with such a gift, but it changed everything for me, because I knew what heaven was. I could see it, smell it, taste it. Questions were answered before I could even finish the questions and I got to be in the presence of the God head. It changed everything for me, and I now live my life with a goal. I know now I was born this way. This is what I came here to do. I have to use my gift for the highest good of all, for all humanity. ”

One area where Whitedove has been extremely helpful is working in collaboration with willing police forces to assist in solving crimes. However, it’s not an area where the eternally upbeat ball of psychic energy prefers to focus her powers.

“I work murder cases. I solve them but I won’t take money for them because it’s blood money. I just need to help that family and to help that soul find closure. I find those cases to be dirty and dark and I don’t like feeling it. It’s a really dark energy. It’s emotionally and mentally draining. I have to recover after.”

In person is where Whitedove prefers to utilize her gifts, which she’ll be doing July 22nd at the Seneca Queen Street Theatre in Niagara Falls. The event – billed as A Spirited Afternoon – begins at noon and includes An Afternoon of Gallery Messages with Michelle Whitedove. What can fans expect from being in the presence of America’s #1 Psychic medium?

“They can expect me to rock this world and to rock their world in a good way, to shake them up and get them right, wake them up so they’re not lost sheep.”

For those members of the faithful flock of believers who can't be at the event, Whitedove has some advice on how people can tap into their own spiritual consciousness to promote self-healing.

“Prayer. Just talking to your creator. People are getting the prayer part down, but people are not meditating. When we meditate we are quiet, we’re still. We get the ego out of the way and let God take over. And we listen. If you are just still and quiet long enough  you will connect. When we meditate we call in the Great Spirit, we call in the Angels and our spiritual guides, and that will help you walk the walk.”

For tickets and information, visit senecaqueen.ca.